A4M1 is the result of a reflection on the structures and issues of animation film production. With multiple experiences in film, design, advertising and art, A4M1 is the association of a director Ludovic Houplain aka H5 (Money, My Generation) and a producer, Stephane Kooshmanian who worked with Wong Kar Wai (Eros, 2O46, My Blueberry Nights). Together they produced and directed LOGORAMA (Best Animated  Short Film Academy Award, Animated Short Film César, Cannes Film Festival Kodak Award).

Conceived as a real Think Tank of the animated film, the aim is not only to direct and produce original subjects, but also to adapt existing ideas to the needs and constraints of the world of animated image production by constituting a bridge between the produce and the creative.

A real laboratory of ideas to bring new perspectives to the animated film
– Make available to digital platforms and majors new ideas or concepts with strong bias
– provide a place where ideas and new approaches can be developed

The aim of A4M1 is to identify interesting and high potential project ideas in animation

The role of A4M1 can range from the simple conception of the original idea for a series, a film or an animated documentary to the complete production of a project, through the different phases of development, co-production or executive production.

Mixing art, advertising, film and design to make an alternative to the production of classic animated film.